I'm a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultant specializing in the development of GIS tools, processes, and supporting infrastructure.
Working on my own or with other consultants, I can also assist you with supporting data and infrastructure requirements and, if you wish to become a developer yourself, provide training services to help you reach your goals.

Development Focus

My main development focus is the Esri ArcGIS platform, coupled with Microsoft technology, the Python programming language, and web development technology. I can also work with other similar technology, or, if required, put you in touch with experts who may be better positioned to help you.
The tools and processes I develop may operate on the desktop or in web and mobile environments and include, for example, geoprocessing tools, spatial models and associated user interfaces, data development procedures and streamlined map production functionality.
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Professional Background

With an academic and private sector background in both the United Kingdom and the United States in GIS, geography and fluvial geomorphology, I believe I can help you think of things in ways that you may not otherwise have done and place at your disposal a strong mix of innovative thinking and technical capabilities.

Professional Contributions

For some of my contributions to the professional community, please see my upcoming and past presentations and publications.


I’m based in Seattle, Washington in the United States and operate both locally and nationally in a range of different market sectors. Thanks to modern communications technology and the nature of my services, I can almost certainly help you wherever you are.
If you’d like further information, please continue exploring my website or feel free to contact me.