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Professional Background


Director of Geospatial Development

Integral GIS, Inc., Seattle, WA - November 2010–April 2012
  • Converted custom ArcGIS 9.x tools to ArcGIS 10.x add-ins to support electrical transmission network maintenance and development
  • Developed Silverlight 5/ArcGIS Server spatial data editing capabilities as part of a global market planning system for an international retail company
  • Developed an ArcGIS Server/jQuery mobile web application for a U.S. Gulf state department of marine resources
  • Developed an ArcGIS Server/JavaScript (jQuery) web application for an international hospitality company
  • Produced animations to show weather variation in relation to retail stores for an international retail company

Geospatial Information Scientist

Compliance Services International, Inc., Lakewood, Washington - April 2001–July 2010
  • Developed Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based spatial analysis methods and high-volume map production procedures to support evaluation and use of endangered species data and investigation of potential pesticide use impacts
  • Delivered spatial information on endangered species distribution to clients using web GIS solutions
  • Managed endangered species assessment, information technology, and computer system administration staff
  • Provided regulatory and technical support for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Endangered Species Task Force (FESTF), for the benefit of both US Environmental Protection Agency and agribusiness Task Force members
  • Conducted workshops and training sessions for private industry and government participants
  • Created and implemented the comprehensive assessment process that now serves as the basis for much of the company’s endangered species risk assessment work
  • Designed and built information management systems to support endangered species risk assessment, including provision of a FESTF website and complete redevelopment of a key FESTF Information Management System (IMS) (for half the original development cost)
  • Produced training materials, including a FESTF IMS tutorial website

Geographic Information Systems Analyst/Project Manager

Ecology and Environment, Inc., Lancaster, New York - November 1999–March 2001
  • Managed and served as lead developer for the Shanghai Environmental Project TA-7/TA-8 - Development of the Huangpu River Basin Environmental Monitoring Information System water resource decision support system

Research/Teaching Assistantships

Department of Geography/National Center for Geographic Information Analysis (NCGIA), State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York - August 1994–May 1999
  • Obtained a $45,000 US National Science Foundation research grant - Modeling water, sediment, and nutrient fluxes in a desert shrubland ecosystem
  • Developed one- and two-dimensional overland flow models based on field experiments
  • Employed parcel-level property data and Landsat Multispectral Scanner (MSS) imagery to examine the predictability of temporal patterns in urban development
  • Created methods for modeling spatial variability in infiltration
  • Taught Introduction to Physical Environmental Geography (Geography 101), Introduction to GIS (Geography 481)

Research Associate

North West Regional Research Laboratory, Lancaster University, England - March 1992–July 1994
  • Developed a GIS-based crime prevention scheme evaluation system (for the UK Home Office) (see Safer Cities and Domestic Burglary, Home Office Research Study 164)
  • Produced GIS- and census-based variables for use in predicting village services (for the UK Rural Development Commission)
  • Taught graduate and undergraduate (final year) introduction to GIS classes


Ph.D., Fluvial geomorphology

State University of New York at Buffalo, 1999
  • Funding: National Center for Geographic Information, National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research Program
  • Dissertation: Modeling Runoff in a Desert Shrubland Ecosystem, Jornada Basin, New Mexico
  • Award: Association of American Geographers (AAG) Geomorphology Specialty Group Best Student Paper

M.Sc., Geographic Information Systems

Dissertation: Modeling Runoff in a Desert Shrubland Ecosystem, Jornada Basin, New Mexico

B.Sc. (Hons), Geography

University of Salford, England, 1990

Professional Contributions

For details of my professional contributions, please see my presentations and publications.
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